Key West Harbor Managed Mooring Field at Wisteria Island will help solve safety & environmental threats.

Derelict & Abandoned Vessel Issues

Numerous derelict and abandoned vessels are illegally and improperly moored around Wisteria Island — known locally as Christmas Tree Island.

The private uninhabited island is part of unincorporated Monroe County and is adjacent to busy Key West Harbor…
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Casino boat a sinking hazard

Excerpt from the Key West Citizen:
Feb. 14, 2009

Casino boat a sinking hazard

500 ton, 84 ft. steel hulk threatens harbor

An abandoned, 500 ton, 84 ft. steel hull casino boat illegally moored off Wisteria Island broke free from its improper mooring…
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TC Oct. 20, 2009 Editorial:

Florida's Treasure Coast & Palm Beaches

Florida's coastal communities need authority to regulate recreational vessels anchored outside public mooring fields…
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USA TODAY: Aug. 26, 2010

Abandoned boats litter waters in tough economy

States across the USA are taking steps to deal with an armada of derelict boats abandoned by their owners in a tough economy.

Florida, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Washington, California, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee and nine other states have passed laws to address a growing abandoned boat problem in the past 5-years.
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Wisteria Island Managed Mooring Field Plan

…stop pollution, start safety

The owner of Wisteria Island is coordinating with state and county agencies…
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FWC & DEP address state derelict and abandoned vessels concern

…explore mooring field options

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Monroe County, Key West and Marathon coordinate

…FWC pilot mooring field project

Monroe County in coordination with the Cities of Marathon and Key West has agreed to participate in the FWC pilot mooring field project.
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County requests FWC & DEP to assist with illegal vessel moorings

May 20, 2009 the Monroe Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) passed Resolution 150-2009…
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County requests FWC & DEP to assist with illegal vessel moorings

Engine blocks illegally hold boats in Place off Wisteria Island in Key West Harbor.

Managed vs. Non-Managed Mooring Fields

The present non-managed mooring area has created several issues. Click on any of the points below to learn more about each issue and the solutions a managed mooring field could provide.

University of Florida, College of Law and Sea Grant Florida…

Community Guide to Creating a Managed Anchorage and Mooring Field…
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The mission of this web site is to share with interested boaters and concerned citizens the serious safety and environmental issues presented by these problem vessels around Wisteria Island — and to follow the progress of the proposed managed mooring field.

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